At the Back of Your Mind: Anal Pleasure through Oral Sex

This year is predicted to be the year of the broken taboo, particularly as it pertains to exploration of anal pleasure. Outdated stigmas and assumptions are being shed and we’re shifting towards a more tolerant cultural space, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. Our fans have not been shy in asking us about […]

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Lending a Helping Hand: How to Give the Perfect Hand Job

After creating our guide to male masturbation, we heard from several readers wanting more instruction on how to use these common methods on their partner. Handjobs might be associated with the sexual encounters you experienced before you start having intercourse, but as tactile creatures, manual (sometimes referred to as ‘digital’) exploration of our partner’s body […]

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The 5 Sexiest Ways to Put a Condom on Your Partner

Condoms are sometimes looked at as an inconvenient necessity rather than a sensual part of your sex life ― but is that fair? There are plenty of reasons to use barrier protection with your partner, from non-monogamy, kinky role play (think: the ‘stranger at the bar’ game), making anal sex safer, or even just to […]

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5 Tips for Reaching Orgasm

It’s not uncommon to run into trouble when trying to orgasm― whether for the first time, or in the middle of a slump. There can be many things that contribute to not reaching climax, but when you’re experiencing anxiety about not being able to, it definitely doesn’t help. Since being told to ‘just relax’ rarely […]

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Mastering Male Masturbation

Despite centuries of demonization through shame and accusations of mental infirmity (as well as some fairly inventive purported outcomes, from hairy palms to blindness), we now accept that not only is masturbation normal, it’s actually healthy for you. And while sex educators are helping break down the stigma around self-pleasure, there are many of us […]

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The Ida™ Lovers’ Guide: Part II-Written By LELO

Following on from Part I of the Ida™ Lovers’ Guide, we’ve released five more beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations to further highlight the extraordinary versatility of our new couples’ massager, IDA™ We’re not exaggerating when we say the possibilities for fun with IDA™ are limited only by the imagination, as the playful twist the rotations and vibrations […]

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The Ida™ Lover’s Guide: Part I – Written By LELO

The Ida™ Lover’s Guide: Part I Katy Thorn SEX POSITIONS 35,770 Views As the world’s only rotating and vibrating wearable massager, IDA™ enhances the feelings of lovemaking in ways you’ve never thought possible. One major reason why adding Ida™ to your intimate experiences is that in any position you choose, the sensations are ever-changing, but […]

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Best Beginners Sex Toys for Couples-Written By LELO

So you and your partner have both decided to introduce a sex toy to your relationship, realizing how much added enjoyment it can bring to your sensual sessions. The question now is; ‘which one do I choose?’ Because of course different types of sex toys are useful for different types of sex, and require different […]

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